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Magifra embarked on a three-year journey through the west coast of China on foot, planting seeds and harvesting the berries with bare hands; all with the sincerity of dedicating the best berries to our friends and families (or loved ones). The climate of Xihai, along with our insistence on pesticide-free methods, provides the best, safest and cleanest environment for cultivating organic wolfberries (Goji).
Magifra’s persistence on the cultivation method of wolfberries (Goji) starting from irrigation, nurturing, harvesting, followed by promotion and sale, has cumulated a considerable amount of energy from nature. Akin to how we need the right humidity, water availability, temperature and people when cultivating wolfberries (Goji).We firmly believe in adopting methods that are aligned to nature as much as possible, respecting the gift that was given to us from nature.
Our packaging uses royal gold and red to symbolize the Gogi berries. These colors perfectly communicated our motto – health, energy, joy, and exemplifies our image of passion.


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